Privacy statement

Teacher personal information 
Personal information (first name, last name, school and email) for teachers is collected to identify the user as a bonifide educator in Aotearoa New Zealand and distinguish between account holders for support purposes.
Teachers can access all personal data collected by the ARB website. They have the ability to change or remove their user information or cancel their account altogether. 
The NZCER Support and resource development team for the ARBs can view and access teacher accounts and details for the purpose of support and administration, including resetting of passwords.  
No personal information is shared beyond the ARBs support and development team.  
Summary information about this provision of support is reported to the Ministry of Education as a part of the contract around the Assessment Resource banks. No personal details about individuals, schools or associated students are shared. 
Student data 
When completing assessment resources students' first name and year level are collected. This enables their associated teacher to distinguish between students and identify their specific responses to assessment tasks. 
At the end of an assessment, students can elect to download or share (email) a pdf of their responses to an assessment resource or the marked results. These pdf results show only the name that the student provided, and the assessment task with the student’s responses. 
Student electronic records are associated with their teacher’s account and electronic results can be viewed by their associated teachers when logged in to their account. Teachers can download student results as a csv for data integration with a School Management System.  
Student data is considered a part of business-as-usual classroom teaching and learning practice, and in order to manage their accounts year-to-year, teachers can remove associated student data. Teachers cannot edit or change student results.  Once teachers remove associated student data they can longer see that removed data. That data remains in the ARBs database with only the student identified information and results data and is only viewable by the ARB support and resource development team at NZCER. 
The support and resource development team at NZCER can view student results data for the purpose of understanding how assessment tasks are working, ongoing development and maintenance of the task, and extracting anonymised data for further research into learning and assessment ideas. 
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