Dapper dogs

Dapper dogs

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This task is about reading a text to find information.

Read "Dapper dogs" pages 8-12 School Journal Part 1, Number 1, 1997.


The flowchart below shows the steps Penny goes through when grooming a dog.
Fill in the missing steps.

1. Penny brushes the dog's coat.

3. Penny washes the dog and cleans its face, ears, and any other parts that are especially dirty and gets rid of any fleas.



7. Penny puts the dog back on the leash and takes it back to its owner.
Write down four things Penny uses to help her do her job.
i)   __________     ii)   __________     iii)   __________     iv)   __________
c) What are two things Penny finds hard about being a dog groomer?
i)   ____________________________________________________
ii)  ____________________________________________________
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This task can be completed with pencil and paper.
"Dapper dogs" pages 8-12 School Journal Part 1, Number 1, 1997.
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Students read an article on dog grooming. They find information to complete a retrieval chart and answer comprehension questions. SJ-1-1-1997. Text not provided.
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Y5 (03/2000)


  • Penny trims the dog's coat/fur.
  • Penny dries the dog (with towels and a hairdryer).
  • Penny brushes the dog's coat.
  • Penny clips the dog's nails.


3 correct – moderate

2 correct – easy

1 correct – easy



Any 4 of:

  • scissors
  • (electric) hair trimmer
  • shampoo
  • (warm) water
  • (dog) bath
  • towel
  • hairdryer
  • brush
  • (nail) clippers
  • (special) shelf
  • leash

2 correct – easy

1 correct – easy


Any 2 of:

  • Dogs that are heavy to lift.
  • Dogs that snap/bite.
  • Dogs that are scared of water/bathing the dogs.
  • Dogs that don't like the sound of the hairdryer/drying the dogs.

2 correct – difficult

1 correct – easy