Li's balloons

Li's balloons

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This task is about air pressure.
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Uncle Chan blew up a balloon for his nephew, Li. He tied the neck of the balloon, and gave it to him to play with.


a)  Is the air pressure inside the balloon greater, less or the same as the pressure outside?
    • greater

    • less 

    • the same as

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b)  When Li threw the balloon into the air, it fell slowly back to the floor.
     Li remembered that the helium balloon he bought at the school gala the week before
     had floated up to the ceiling and stayed there.
     Why do helium balloons float more easily?

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c)  Li was rough with the balloon and it finally "popped".
     Explain what made the noise when the balloon "popped".
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This task can be completed with pencil and paper or online.
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Description of task: 
Students answer three questions about air pressure in balloons, why helium balloons float, and why a popped balloon makes a noise.
Making Better Sense: 

Y6 (09/1997)

a) Greater. moderate
b) Because helium is lighter than air. very difficult
c) Escaping air/air pressure. moderate