Terms of use

Terms of use for ARB account holders:
This document is about how data is stored, and anonymised to inform resource development, teaching and learning information, and for research purposes.
By agreeing to these terms of use the account holder indicates that they are responsible for the students in their care and gives consent for use of data as described in the Terms of use.
It is important to read these terms of use before agreeing to them.
The purpose of the Assessment Resource Banks website is to support schools to engage in classroom-based formative assessment through the provision of formative assessment resources, articles and conceptual maps.
Any New Zealand-based teacher, student-teacher, class administrator or educational professional can elect to use these services free of charge.
The focus of the Assessment Resource Banks website is to promote evidence-based classroom teaching and learning and to support good pedagogical practice in the classroom.
The intended users of the Assessment Resource Banks website are the account holders (New Zealand registered teachers, principals, school administrators) and students in New Zealand classrooms as a part of the business-as-usual educational classwork or extended class work outside of school.
The intended end user of the assessment tasks are students in New Zealand classrooms involved in classroom-based formative assessment. All responses to published, online assessment tasks are saved in the ARB website database.
Student electronic records will be synchronised with their teacher's account and electronic results can be viewed by their “associated” teachers when logged in to their account. Students can also elect to download or share (email) their responses to an assessment resource or the marked results.
NZCER’s primary role is to support the delivery and production of assessment resources and articles. In addition NZCER acts as a safe and confidential custodian to the data. In time this data may contribute towards sizeable amounts of results data relating to teaching and learning, and curriculum and assessment. NZCER will analyse the data to inform development of assessment resources, develop information about related teaching and learning ideas, and, as anonymous data, for research purposes about assessment, teaching and learning, and changes over time.
When results or the aggregate data is used for developing resources or reports/article no schools or individuals (account holders or students) will be identifiable.
Students completing assessment resources
Students answering these assessment resources is considered business as usual in the classroom. This means it is the responsibility of the account holder/class administrator to inform students that:
  • their responses are confidential to the classroom teacher and whoever the student may send their results to.
  • the results data is intended to be used to help student’s learning
  • the results data is used to develop or re-develop student assessment tasks to ensure tasks are working well (reliable and valid)
  • to support investigations/articles about teaching and learning , or curriculum and assessment, or other learning or assessment related ideas.
Account holder contact person
The Assessment Resources Bank website account holder is a New Zealand teacher or education professional. Account holders are responsible for the maintaining confidentiality of students’ results data associated with their account by safeguarding their account password. In addition they provide consent for the anonymised data to be used as described in this document. In order to manage their accounts year to year, the account holder can remove their student data from the Completed resources results view. This removes student's specific results from the teacher account, but does not delete the results data from the database.  
Data storage and confidentiality
The data is stored securely on password protected servers based in New Zealand. Account holders have access to data from students “associated” with their teacher account. The summary of student results are intended for classroom teachers to utilise for evidence-based teaching and learning.
NZCER has the role of custodian of the data, and providing support services around the assessment resources, as well as the analysis of the data to inform development of assessment resources, develop information about related teaching and learning ideas, and, as grouped anonymous data, for research purposes about assessment, teaching and learning, and changes over time.
Any results data used for any other analyses will be stripped of all identifying features. At no time will the identity of a school or an individual, or account details be made available by NZCER to anyone else. NZCER will only use contact information to communicate with account holder to inform any relevant changes to the website or terms of use. All personal information, including email addresses are kept securely and will not be shared with any third party.
Privacy statement
Privacy statement for the Assessment Resource Banks, https://arbs.nzcer.org.nz/privacy-statement.
All content (student tasks, teacher information, images, articles, conceptual maps) unless otherwise indicated are © Ministry of Education.