ARBs with spring and summer themes - November 2015

Kia ora koutou
Spring is now well upon us.
We’ve put together a list of ARBs with spring and summer themes.
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For those of you with your feet in spring,
germinating seeds, life cycles, etc, may be your thing.
For those of you leaping into summer,
water safety, the beach, etc, may be sunnier.


As A. A. Milne wrote in When We Were Very Young,
‘She turned to the sunlight
      And shook her yellow head,
     And whispered to her neighbour:
                                                              "Winter is dead”.’


Spring gardening and germination, cycles
Gardening (L2)
Summer outdoor activities, 
e.g., sunglasses, at the beach, kaimoana, birdwatching, water safety, sand dunes, and more
Sand dunes (L3)
Sea shells (L2-3)
Paua diving (L4-5)
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