Getting the most from online ARBs

Getting the most from online ARBs
With a very recent emphasis on online learning, and learning at home, the ARB team have identified some selections of formative assessment tasks for learning across Levels 1- 4 that we think might help at this time.
To see these curated selections check out Getting the most from the ARBs.
The ARBs are an online repository of almost three thousand formative assessment resources that provide teachers with formative assessment Maths, English, and Science tasks for students at Levels 1-5. 
Almost half of the resources on the ARB website can now be completed online. As long as you're logged in and use the Student URL; you'll be able to see your stduents' results on your account (
We have also developed a few videos to help.
And of course we're always at hand to answer any questions, but check out our FAQs first:,
then email us at
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