Sand dunes

Sand dunes

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This task is about reading to find information, make inferences, and to identify the main idea.
Read the poster to help answer the questions.
poster about sand dunes

Question 1Change answer

a)  Why are sand dunes important?

Question 1Change answer

b)  Why is it important to, "control your dog or leave it at home"?

Question 2Change answer

c)  What are three rules we should follow if we want to keep the plants on the sand dunes safe?


Which of these titles would best fit this poster?
    • Sand Boarding Damages Dunes

    • New Zealand Beaches

    • Protect our Sand Dunes

    • Caring for our Birds

Task administration: 
This task can be completed with pencil and paper or online (with some auto-marking).
Curriculum info: 
Description of task: 
Students read a poster on sand dunes to answer retrieval and inferential questions.
Curriculum Links: 
Links to the Literacy Learning Progressions for Reading:
This resource helps to identify students’ ability to:

  • use comprehension strategies
  • infer ideas and information that are not directly stated

as described in the Literacy Learning Progressions for Reading at:


Y6 (07/1999)

a) Any 1 of:

  • The dunes help protect the beaches.
  • Birds nest in them.
b) Any 1 of:

  • Dogs disturb birds.
  • Dogs disturb nests.
  • Dogs cause nests to be deserted.
  • No sand boarding.
  • No biking.
  • Walk on the paths not the plants.

[Only accept answers that relate to plants.]

3 correct – difficult

2 correct – moderate

1 correct – easy

d) C [Protect our Sand Dunes] moderate