Rugby and the ARBs - October 2015

Kia ora koutou
With the Rugby World Cup (RWC) drawing to a close, we thought we’d dig out some classroom assessment resources that connect in with rugby.
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At Curriculum Level 2 we have
Missing numbers (number patterns)


Level 3
Number one (Cloze reading)
Writing a letter (proofreading)
Sports on TV (interpreting graphs)
Finding out about sports on TV (stats investigation)
Favourite rugby teams (graph construction)
Favourite All Black (interpreting a frequency table)


At Level 4
Sports played (graph construction)
Henare’s try (proofreading)
Kick a ball (interpreting stem-and-leaf graphs)


At Level 5
Using a formula I (linear equations)
Rugby Brawl story (writing a report)


And Kicking for goal (using Pythagoras’ theorem)


For some of the statistical investigations it may be interesting to discuss how the popularity of the current RWC affects how people regard other sports.
The ARB team