Recycling week 21-27th October 2019

Kia ora koutou
Recycling week is upon us, from 21-27th October 2019.
This year it's about looking at habits and taking action.
Choose from a range of activities for each day during the week and the weekend
As a part of recycling week you could try to use only online-interactive ARBs with your students.
We have a number of ARB resources that address the Science and English around recycling:
At a systems level recycling is also about students recognising what types and amounts of materials are available for recycling e.g.,
and/or identifying what materials do not belong in certain environments e.g., 
Use these as starting points for disussion around the purpose of recycling.
Also important is the broader idea of Recycle, reduce and reuse.
If you want more, use “recycling” as a keyword to find more resources.
Have a look at
Bottle deposits could be in Aotearoa soon. Check out the campaign for bottle deposits at:
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