Writing instructions - Learning intention guide

How to use this resource
This resource is designed so teachers can select the writing criteria they want to use for the focus of the assessment. After selecting the criteria, and whether to have a teacher's or a student's , single click the "Generate guide" button to construct an assessment appropriate to the needs of the individual students, the groups, or the class.
Information for teachers
  • This assessment could be used with the following resources: Chunky chalks, Make a Pürerehua (Spinner) or teacher-developed assessment resources.
  • This assessment could be used for either self- or peer-assessment  purposes, or a combination of both.
  • Ideally, the assessment would be followed-up with a teacher conference.
  • The 'next time' section of the assessment is for students to set their next goals. This section could be glued into the student's work book as a record.
  • When explaining to students how to complete the assessment task, teachers could include the following points:
  1. Use the assessment to help you plan and write your instructions.
  2. Write your instructions.
  3. When you have finished, use the to assess and reflect on your writing.
Please select the criteria to match your students' learning needs.

Learning intention guide – Writing instructions (WL3697)

1 The title shows the purpose of the instructions.
2 The equipment and materials needed are listed.
3 Each instruction is written on a new line.
4 The instructions are in the right order.
5 Each instruction is written in the present tense.
6 Each instruction begins with a verb.
7 The instructions can be followed and understood by someone else.


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