Seaweek 2013 March 2nd - 10th

Makara baech, Wellington

Makara, Wellington (c) J.Fisher,

This year's theme is Toiora te moana, toiora te tangata - healthy seas, healthy people. It promotes thinking about the relationship of people (ngā tangata) to the sea (te moana).

This selection of ARB resources may be useful for incorporating some science into your Seaweek activities. The tasks can be completed either individually or in groups, and make good starting points for discussions about what makes a healthy ocean and how we can manage that.


On Sunday 21st July 2013 a sizeable earthquake occurred in the middle of New Zealand.

This was one of a swarm of earthquakes.


Here are some resources that feature earthquakes. They address science, English and maths knowledge and skills.

Using the resources


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