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ARBs with spring and summer themes - November 2015

Kia ora koutou
Spring is now well upon us.
We’ve put together a list of ARBs with spring and summer themes.
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For those of you with your feet in spring,
germinating seeds, life cycles, etc, may be your thing.
For those of you leaping into summer,
water safety, the beach, etc, may be sunnier.


ARB newsletter June 2015 - Welcome to the new ARB website

Kia ora koutou

At the end of June the old ARB website will be archived.

This means you will not be able to access the old website after June 30 2015.

All NZ teachers and educationalists are asked to use the new ARB website at
Hopefully, you have already registered for your personal username and password on the new website:
The new website comes with a number of new features:
  • Individual, personalised teacher accounts.
  • My folder - where you can save collections of your favourite resources and quickly find them for future use.

World Water Day - 22nd March - Assessment Resource Banks

World Water Day (March 22) 
UNESCO’s World Water Day is on the 22nd of March. The theme this year is "water for sustainable development". There are seven aspects - health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food, and equality.
For more information about World Water Day go to
Compassion UK shares 30 striking water photos about access to water around the world.
Science ARB resources provide support for exploring some of these  aspects.

Seaweek, and 2015 International Year of Light

assessment resource banks
Kia ora and welcome to the first Assessment Resource Banks newsletter from our new website at

Coming up ...

We now have over 2250 resources published on the new site. Of these about 250 can be completed online as well as by pencil and paper. Our plan is to bring across all the exisiting ARBs to the new site, and re-develop some resources so they can also be completed online.  

Please note: Registration for the old arb website will close at the end of this year as we migrate to the new site. 

When a volcano erupts

Mount Tongariro from the air

Tongaririo (c) Philip Capper, 2008, FlickR (Attribution).

On the 6th August 2012 Mount Tongariro erupted sending an ash cloud of approximately 10,000 cubic metres that was identified in Napier and Wellington.

The ARBs have several assessment resources that look at warning signs, volcanic eruption process, parts of a volcano, activity and dangers of an eruption, and the spread of ash.

Seaweek 2013 March 2nd - 10th

Makara baech, Wellington

Makara, Wellington (c) J.Fisher,

This year's theme is Toiora te moana, toiora te tangata - healthy seas, healthy people. It promotes thinking about the relationship of people (ngā tangata) to the sea (te moana).

This selection of ARB resources may be useful for incorporating some science into your Seaweek activities. The tasks can be completed either individually or in groups, and make good starting points for discussions about what makes a healthy ocean and how we can manage that.


On Sunday 21st July 2013 a sizeable earthquake occurred in the middle of New Zealand.

This was one of a swarm of earthquakes.


Here are some resources that feature earthquakes. They address science, English and maths knowledge and skills.

Using the resources


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