Conservation week 2019

Conservation week 2019: Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa
14th-22nd September
Involve your students in Conservation week 2019! 
The Department of Conservation website has a large range of resources, activities and events for Conservation week - over 180 across Aotearoa!
ARB conservation resources mostly involve the Living World context and include the science capabilities: Gather and interpret data and Engage with science.
Conservation of plants and animals is all about being aware of the actions that help solve problems or issues when change happens. It requires knowing about the adaptations plants and animals have that help them survive when there is a change in their habitat.
Explore the three conservation resources below.
The Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) can be used to explore a range of conservation topics. Many ARB resources look at environmental issues, habitats, pests, birdlife, endangered species, pollution, plastics, water cycle, conservation, and many more.  You can use these keywords to search for the resources you want and save them to your folders for easy access.
A selection of recent ARBs that connect to conservation ideas are listed below for you: 
Environmental issues  Wildlife Habitat Pests
Level 1 and 2
Level 3
Level 3  
Level 5
Level 3
Level 4 
Level 5 
Level 3
Level 4 
Conservation week on TKI
TKI also has a selection of resources and organisations to support activities and learning during Conservation week and beyond.
Check out: for some more ideas to get your students involved.

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