The Winner Loses

The Winner Loses

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This task is about reading to find information and make inferences.
Then answer the following questions.


a)  What was the main difference between the gliders?
    • Tony's was modern; Tere's was old-fashioned.

    • Tony's used hi-tech plastic; Tere's did not.

    • Tony's needed few trial flights; Tere's needed lots.

    • Tony's had struts; Tere's did not.

    • Tony's was bought; Tere's was home-made.


b)  Where did Tere's glider most probably land?
    • In the haze.

    • On the beach.

    • In the farthest hills.

    • At the bottom of the slope.

    • In the sea.


c)  What does 'were the rage' mean?
    • Commonly found.

    • Very popular.

    •  Easy to get.

    • Very competitive.

    • Made people angry.

Question 3Change answer

d) What happened to the Spitfire?

Question 4Change answer

 e) How did the Tiger Moth miss hitting the fence?

Question 5Change answer

f) Why was "Panorama Heights" chosen as the launching place for the gliders?

Question 6Change answer

g) Why wasn't Tere upset about losing her glider?
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This task can be completed with pencil and paper or online.
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Students read a narrative about a toy glider competition, then answer retrieval and inferential questions. SJ-3-1-1994. Text provided.
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This resource helps to identify students’ ability to:
  • locate and summarise ideas
  • infer ideas and information that are not directly stated in the text

as described in the Literacy Learning Progressions for Reading at:

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Y7 (10/1998)

a) E [Tony's was bought; Tere's was home-made.] easy
b) E [In the sea.] easy
c) B [Very popular] moderate
d) It hit a gorse bush. easy
e) The wires were broken. easy
f) Any 1 of:

  • It was a hill/high up overlooking the sea/on a slope.
  • There were no houses around.
g) Any 1 of:

  • She had won the competition.
  • Any answer which refers to the emotion accompanying the authors feeling of flying with the glider.